Bobby Gene

Missing in the streets of those that have grown up,
mistakes leaving you abandoned crying wolf.
Mother no longer answers to the cries,
in the most distant, empty room I sit.
Raised from words in written form,
moving towards living without conviction.

a loss so big.

it leaves nothing.

born without a soul.

confused emotions.

all the hatred.

arms outstretched.

just falling.

deep into emptiness.

more vast than space.

find me.

for I am lost.

Why didn’t you find me?
All I ever searched for my whole life,
was someone to do just that.
I’m just too tired to wait anymore.
Time to drink my last bloody,
and have a delicious breakfast.

We are only helpless children,
ever changin’ like sunlight

Strange Talk - Cast Away

Betty Who - “Somebody Loves You”

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